Monday, April 23, 2012

Bridal Shows, Meeting Bloggers and overwhelming malls...

This weekend I had the opportunity to do something I have never had the chance to do before, but have always wanted to do. This weekend, I got to meet one of my spectacular bloggy friends. The beautiful and lovely Ella, formerly of Ella Unread has recently moved to Canada, so we took the opportunity to meet up in the great city of Toronto and head over to the Toronto Bridal Show. 

The show itself was a total disappointment. There was not much there, it was loud and crowded, and very few of the companies were giving any sort of samples away. Not that samples make or break a place, but even the Orangeville Bridal show had lots of samples to give away!

Meeting Ella was spectacular. She was just as gorgeous, funny and personable as she had seemed via Skype and through our conversations over the last two years. I was worried at first that our meeting might be a bit awkward and all that, but everything went smoothly. It honestly just felt like catching up with an old friend, which was great. Sadly, she was only here for one night, so we grabbed dinner down on Front St, then headed back to my place and watched Star Trek (the new movie) with Scott. Sunday, we went to church, took her to lunch at our ever-famous diner in town called Angel's, and then took her back to Toronto so she could catch her bus. 

We didn't end up taking any photos on Saturday, even though we had meant to, so of course, we had to take a photo before she left to prove that we had met up!

It was sad to see her go, but I am very excited to do it again sometime in the near future. 

After we dropped her off, Scott and I decided that since we made the drive, we might as well go into the mall that was there for a bit. That lasted a whole half hour before I couldn't take the crowds anymore. Tried on some super hot fancy dresses before we left, then snapped a shot of me in my outfit for the day, just because I could... and because I've been experimenting with trying to find my own sense of style.

Not bad for a girl who previously had 0 fashion sense and never dressed like a girl right?


  1. well if that's you in the last photo you definitely look like a girl :) nice dress there. and I love bridal shows, and all the free cake that you get... yum!

  2. Looking sharp in that last photo! Very professional but also with a sense of fun. I've been trying to find my own style lately, but it's a slow process. Also, style is 'spensive.

    By the way - speaking of meeting bloggers, I can't wait for May! I'm looking forward to meeting up with you, Scott, and Dave if we can make it happen...either separately or all together! I must warn you, I am not nearly as eloquent without a keyboard and a Backspace key :P


  3. Great post :) Sorry it took me so long to see it!
    Booyaa to your fancy-dress-trying-out with Scott! We should have ditched the Bridal show and do that together!! I've never done it, I think, and I think trying on dresses while playing an upbeat song is part of the Canadian/USA experience :P It was great meeting you and you are really awesome :) You're the greatest host ever!


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